Multi Criteria Decision Analysis

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What is it?

Multi Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) has been used extensively across different industries and situations as a tool for appraising and evaluating options when there are multiple objectives and stakeholders.

Talent Decisions

Talent Decisions is a decision support tool specifically designed for talent acquisition professionals and hiring managers who want to take a deeper look into their own requirements, what different candidates bring to the table and ultimately helping guide them to hiring the best possible individual for the role.

Reduce Frustrations

Talent Decisions addresses many of the frustrations and pitfalls associated with the talent acquisition process. Based on solid academics and cutting edge research, it puts structure around a decision which has never truly had one. Instead of hiring on gut feeling and instinct alone, let us help you make your decision, you may be surprised in the discussions it creates.

Take a Closer Look at your Existing Team

Make better talent decisions on an individual and organizational level. Having the right people in the right roles performing optimally and rewarded accordingly is key in today’s marketplace. Does your team have the required skills individually and as a group? What are the areas of development? Does their compensation match their contribution? What are the things you should be looking for in your next hire?


Kitab “Kit” Ali, Founder of Talent Decisions holds a master’s degree in Decision Sciences from the London School of Economics and had the privilege of learning the science and art of decision analysis from some of its pioneers.

He has spent his entire career working as an executive search consultant initially in the life sciences industry with Ken Clark International, then financial services with Beeley & Company and more recently Kit has been working in the energy industry with some of the leading search firms in this space.

He has been building and using ad hoc excel based decision models on many of his search projects over the years and has kept it as his personal “trade secret”. It allows him to deliver results faster and with greater insight and analysis than traditional recruiters, helping his clients avoid costly hiring mistakes.

The vision was to take this complex and often messy Excel-based MCDA (multi-criteria decision analysis) model and create something web based and user-friendly that anyone who needs to make a hiring decision can use.

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Let us help you make your hiring decision, you may be surprised in the discussions it creates.